Thermal Liners for Flexitanks

Thermal liners for Flexitanks work as a woven laminate to provide completely sealed off temperature and humidity controlled environment for the cargoes that need reheating before unloading. This liner is made using WPP fabric and it comes with an aluminum foil and polythene sheeting as well. It is an excellent option for 20 ft and 40 ft container liners and safeguards the content inside by reflecting up to 97% of radiant energy.

Thermal Liner Applications

This thermal liner is being used to transport food and nonfood stuffs like wine, mineral water, beverages, fruit juices, mayonnaise, fruit juice concentrates, milk powder, detergents, cosmetics and other types of heat sensitive adhesives and chemicals.

Custom Applications

In addition to standard Rishi FIBC thermal liners, we also offer custom made liners to meet the exclusive needs of our clients while transporting food and nonfood stuffs such as mineral water, fruit juices, detergents, beverages, cosmetics and many other types of temperature sensitive cargoes.

Benefits of Thermal liners for Flexitanks

    • Protects the cargo from unfavorable climatic conditions
    • Can be reused
    • Prevents contamination by creating an oxygen barrier
    • Creates excellent moisture barrier
    • Offers outstanding affordability
    • Amazing ease of installation
    • Excellent versatility and strength