Heater Pads for Flexitanks

Heater Pads for Flexitanks

RishiFIBC heater pads for flexitanks come with a patented reheating system that can be easily fitted under the flexitank to heat the cargo evenly before unloading.

Liquids with low melting point solidify in a fast manner, especially when they are subjected to low temperatures. Our flexitank heating pads offer efficient heating to bring back the cargo to the liquid state again before being discharged. They contain 2 lengths of stainless steel pipes and, EDPM rubber tubes are fitted at each end. High modular radiator hose is used to make the inlet hose that can withstand up to 120 Degree Celsius.

Heater Pads for Flexitanks

Flexitanks Heater Pad Applications

Our heat pads are extensively used under flexitanks that carry all types of food stuffs and nonfood stuffs such as sugar syrup, coconut oil, corn sweeteners, polyols, distilled fatty acids, glycerin, paraffin wax and palm oil.

Custom Applications

We make sincere and committed efforts to make our products fully customized to meet the varying requirements of our clients. Our custom made heating pad for flexitank comes with features exactly according to the client specifications and it can be used for faultless and error free transportation of all types of non-hazardous foodstuffs and non foodstuffs.

Benefits of our Heater Pad for Flexitanks

    • Offers even heating
    • Designed to provide discharge temperature within 48 hours
    • Reusable
    • Low pressure steam of hot water can be used
    • Heat up the product without hotspots or product burning
    • Packed in compact size to optimize the ease of handling
    • Minimal negative environment impact
    • Reduces shipping costs significantly
    • FDA, EC standard and Kosher approved