Container Liner

Container Liner for Transporting Free Flowing, Dry Non Hazardous Materials

Transporting free flowing material safety through a flexitank has always been a difficult packaging and logistic task. Our bulk container liner makes this process thoroughly uncomplicated. It is made using high tensile PE film or WPP and this liner is completely recyclable. It goes well with any type of 20 or 40-feet trailer or container unit and optimal functionality and added security can be associated with this container liner.

Flexitank Container Liners Applications

It has been widely used for transporting free flowing, dry nonhazardous materials such as cereals, rice, flour, pellets, powder, animal feeds and sugars.

Custom Applications

As a trusted global container liner manufacturer, Rishi FIBC products deliver 100% customized solutions based on the unique specifications of each client. Our container liner has been designed to deliver the best results while transporting all types of free flowing nonhazardous materials and we also offer an unbeatable pricing structure for our customized solutions.

Benefits of Using Container Liners

    • Exclusively designed for easy container fitment
    • Full protection of contents
    • Hassle free filling and discharge
    • Completely recyclable
    • Eliminates packaging waste up to 90%
    • Lowers disposal fees significantly
    • Easy installation