Our Flexitanks for Bulk Liquid Transportation come with a multi-ply polyethylene construction and they are extremely resistant to abrasions and punctures. We have all sizes available up to 24,000 liters and the seamless construction of these custom flexitanks ensure unsurpassed hygiene. Highly stretchable and absorbent material withstands even the most hostile conditions. These tanks come with 2” and 3” quick release make fitting completed with a ball valve. Upon special request, adaptors are also available. Other important features include:

        • Single strip convenience
        • Maximum payload with minimum residue on discharge
        • Maximum allowable payload with 5%
        • Minimum allowable payload minus 10%

Flexitanks for Bulk Liquid Transportation

With their 16,000 to 24,000 capacity, our Flexitanks for Bulk Liquid Transportation are the perfect choice for transporting food grade products and non food grade products.

Foodstuffs that can be transported include:

Fruit juices, Wine, Amino acids, Beer, Palm oils, Fish oils, Mineral water, Concentrates, Potable water, Edible oils, Vegetable Oils, Coconut oils, Corn syrup, Glucose, Sorbitol, Tomato paste, Fructose, Malt extracts, Tallow and other types of food additives.

Non-foodstuffs that can be transported include:

Base oils, Detergents, Lube oils, Paraffin wax, Lubricants, Printing inks, Paints, Waxes, Glycerin, Emulsions, Fertilizers, Plasticizers, Natural latex, Synthetic latex, Crude oils, Herbicides, Disinfectants, Drilling mud oils, Hydraulic fluids, Alkylates, Colloidal solutions, Pharmaceutical white oil and other types of non-hazardous chemicals.

Flexitank Benefits

  • As a reliable flexitanks manufacturer, Rishi embraces the most advanced technology that ensures supreme quality
  • Makes packaging and logistics extremely affordable
  • Highly responsive support services
  • Immediate assistance through Emergency Response program
  • Eliminates conventional longitudinal seams with one piece construction
  • Flexitanks are made using ethylene polymers to ensure supreme safety, strength and durability
  • Offers high stretch and energy absorption capacity
  • Provides internal hygiene of highest order
  • FDA and BGA approval
  • Fully trained network worldwide
  • Best manufacturing practices and strict quality control checks

Custom Applications

We are fully flexible when it comes to meeting customer needs and our custom flexitanks meet the exclusive requirements of our clients in the best way possible. We offer:

  • Single to multiple layers
  • Bottom or top loading options
  • Extra anti-oxidation protection
  • Air venting systems
  • Bulk head options